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About Us

BioAngels is a unique partnership between BIRAC, an enterprise of the Department of Biotechnology, and IAN, India’s single largest horizontal platform for seed and early-stage investing.  It is focused on supporting Biotech, Medtech, Healthtech, Pharma, Agritech & Cleantech startups — to raise their angel round from Angel Investors who bring deep domain expertise.

BioAngels brings Money, Mentoring, and Market Access, echoing IAN’s genetics. It aims to fuel the ecosystem through interactions with high-quality investors and industry leaders, whilst emphasizing on a strong operational focus, frameworks, processes, and governance. The inclusive group of ecosystem stakeholders at BioAngels comprises HNIs, angel investors, family offices, strategic investors, corporates, and VCs.

With BIRAC leading the way, Biotech industry is looking for a revamp, with the government focus on strengthening and nurturing of a strong basic research innovation driven ecosystem across Research Institutes and Laboratories, both public and private sector, with complete engagement of Startups.

Why Bioangels

BioAngels is the country’s first sector-focused angel investor group to fuel the growth of startups from sectors such as Biotech, Medtech, Healthtech, Pharma, Cleantech & Agritech.

BioAngels will fund and nurture high-quality startups, with money, mentoring and critical sectoral expertise – and engage investors from different angel investor groups, early-stage investors to fund and nurture high-quality startups.

It focuses on:

  • Investment opportunities
  • Mentorship
  • Market Access
  • Overseas partnerships
  • R&D facilities
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